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thank you dani!!

Anonymous asked: playlist please ash? >_<


1.dear-mad soul child

2. slip away-nell

3. 아직도 그대가 익숙해- dear cloud

4. healing- 10cm

5. 그게 아니고-10cm

6. 그 어떤 말로도- vodka rain the line of fire- dynamic duo

8.bad- tablo

9. 그렇습니까-흐른

i’ve been getting msgs about my playlist and so i just thought i would make a post so hello

i haven’t changed my playlist in like 6 months and i dont think im gonna change it for another 6 months so forgive me for the lame songs 

[HQ] Beenzino for Freshness Magazine 1830x2728

i just went ham in this blogging thing just now oops 


Gene Tierney (cropped)

[遇见 十]

Super relaxing night in the studio, drinking tea and thinking about color.